More PRISM fallout: Indian government may ban Gmail use


Indian government employees will soon be asked (told?) to stop using Gmail (s goog) for official purposes, according the Indian Times which cited a senior official. Revelations that U.S.-based cloud providers, including Google, must turn over customer information to the National Security Agency, is a concern to foreign governments and companies and also to U.S. cloud players which worry that the controversy will cost them business. Looks like those fears are playing out.



The Indian government ban – should that really happen – will do two things –
1. Most government offices anyway don’t have their own mails and officers regularly use Gmail or some other. This ban could put a complete stop to whatever was being produced anyway…
2. On the other hand current state of the Indian economy with endless procrastination of decisions, delayed or never defined policies – means not much is happening to actually communicate – and so may end up being a non-event :)

Sridhar Pai

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