Sorry Apple, larger phones are a growing portion of Indian smartphone sales


Apple(s aapl) hasn’t yet made a dent in India’s growing smartphone market, perhaps because of pricing, but also because it doesn’t offer a product that accounted for nearly a third of sales in the second quarter of 2013: large-screened phones. This chart from IDC shows a growing number of sales in India are coming from devices with 5-inch or bigger displays.

IDC India phones 2013

IDC says 30 percent of phones sold during the last quarter were of the large variety; a combination of small tablet and big phone. And the trend is increasing.

It’s still early days however. The world’s second most populous nation only saw 9.3 million smartphones ship during the quarter. That’s up from the 3.5 million from the year-ago period, but there’s still tremendous room for smartphone sales growth.

So who is offering the lower-cost large handsets, often with dual-SIM card capabilities? Samsung leads the pack here with IDC noting zero-percent interest installment plans on products such as the Galaxy Note II. The company accounted for 26 percent of all smartphone shipments during the quarter, followed by Micromax, Karbon, Nokia(s nok) and Sony(s sne).

Unless the economics and preferences of the Indian smartphone market change drastically, Apple may be on the outside looking in without a product that people want in country of 1.2 billion people.



Wait isn’t the iPhone 5 a 4″ display? Seems to be in the growing middle group…


I think Apple has missed the point. (Disclosure fanboy and long apple) For many people the mobile phone is “it”. They don’t have a laptop, or tablet, or a camera; And TVs are rare and shared and tied to location and often at the mercy of an intermittent power grid.

This may not be Apple’s classic demographic, but they should not neglect them.


I just can’t believe that Apple will not launch a larger-screened iPhone. This whole marketing ‘it fits your hand perfectly, one-handed use’ does nothing for me. I rarely use my iPhone with one hand.
I thought for sure they’d come out with a 4.7 inch iPhone. In fact, I am still holding out hope that all of these leaks were done by Apple on purpose to confuse and fool us all, and they’d launch a larger version of the iPhone.


Typical for them to lag behind the industry then in 3 years when they figure it out, they will claim they innovated and created the Phablet market. Just like Jobs stated 7″ Tablets were dead on arrival. Well I guess he was just another huxter who lied his way through it all. Didn’t they then start selling a 7″ tablet which has gone on to cannibalize the 10″ tablet sales.


No. And no. It is easier to use a 10 inch tablet. Finger pointing, that is. So Jobs was right at the time. But a later breakthrough in screen techs allowed Apple to cleverly compensate for the effect of 7″, hence it was able to release a 7″. Not a poor quality 7″ (like Android), but a high quality 7″.

Try not to let your disdain for Apple cloud your facts or history.

Kevin C. Tofel

As someone who owned (and used the heck out of) the Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2010, what screen tech breakthough improved the quality of the user experience of a 7-inch screen? Curious.

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