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Service providers can “go cloud” to take on Amazon in various ways, but which is best?

The cloud’s instance-based, scaling-friendly nature has affected a lot of sectors, but none more directly than the “traditional” service provider industry. With huge-but-nimble Amazon Web Services(s amzn) established as the go-to infrastructure provider for many startups, what’s a staid old host or telco to do?

That’s a very good question, and one we shall attempt to answer in a few weeks’ time at our Structure:Europe conference in London. There, I’ll moderate a panel with two key

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European players in this space: Flexiant founder Tony Lucas (pictured above at last year’s Structure:Europe) and OnApp CEO Ditlev Bredahl.

I have a sneaking suspicion this will be one of the show’s highlights, mainly because I’ve wanted to get Lucas and Bredahl toe-to-toe on this issue for a long while. The two companies ultimately have the same aim – to help legacy hosting providers find their niche in the cloud world – but they have significantly different ways of going about it.

Flexiant has the more straightforward approach: its cloud orchestration and management software is a product for helping service providers provide a tailored portfolio of services quickly and with minimal effort (a big selling point versus OpenStack). OnApp adds another element, federating spare storage and CDN capacity of its customers and serving it up in interesting ways.

The distinction has all kinds of implications, from scale to differentiation. Which is the right approach? Well, you’ll just have to check out the panel to find out. Structure:Europe is taking place from 18-19 September, and tickets are on sale now.

4 Responses to “Service providers can “go cloud” to take on Amazon in various ways, but which is best?”

  1. Just try Greenclouds ( It aggregates excess IT capacity and makes it available (for service providers a.o) as an on demand cloud. Service providers can easily build their own cloud services and added values on top of this IaaS – and compete with Amazon and others…

  2. Valentina Dvoršak

    I don’t think they can “Take on” Amazon, for it is one of the biggest cloud providers available now. But vendors can definitely “build on” Amazon’s S3 and Glacier Clouds ,and we’ve seen such software as Zoolz with its Unlimited plan building on Amazon and others that I believe have comprehended today’s needs perfectly and should be applauded rather than looked down upon ;)

  3. Slayerwulfe

    our lives are ruled and decided by competing players. where some excersize advantage and others follow their example, it is progress at least.