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Potential iPad 5 front panel appears in leaked images

With most of this summer’s gossip focusing on the expected iPhone(s aapl) launch, iPad rumors have been few and far between. But a new part leak on Wednesday, posted by Sonny Dickson, shows off a potential fresh look for Apple’s next tablet. If these images are real, the iPad 5 is going to look a lot like a big iPad mini.

This would be a good look for the iPad, which has essentially remained physically unchanged since its second generation. The proportions and the thinner bezels are what bring the iPad mini to mind, though the iPad mini’s bezels are even narrower, bringing the display almost to the edge of the device. Like the iPad mini, the new iPad is expected to use a film-based touchpad display which helps reduce the screen thickness. This, combined with the trimmer bezels, can help Apple make the tablet lighter.

Little else is known about the new iPad, though the iPad mini will likely see a refresh of its own with a retina display. Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C at an event on September 10, so the iPad 5 making an appearance is unlikely. But it should show up later this year, at some point ahead of the holiday season.

iPad 5 display parts

iPad 5 display 2

iPad 5 display rear

All images from Sonny Dickson.