Meet Flutter, an Arduino board with a half-mile wireless range


Looking for a low-cost open-source Arduino kit with a gigantic wireless range? Flutter is right up your alley. And as the owner of a quad-copter drone, it’s up my alley too. If this little board gets funded on Kickstarter, my AR Parrot 2.0 drone will get a range boost up to a half-mile!

flutter range noticed the new Kickstarter project, which is looking to raise $80,000 by September 27. It’s already off to a good start with more than $26,300 pledged at time of writing. Flutter will come in two versions: a basic one with an integrated antenna and a Pro version with battery charging, an external antenna and more memory for code. The system uses the unlicensed¬†915MHz radio band.

This video highlights the Pro version, but both will use 256-bit AES encryption for security:

I think there’s a world of potential here for two reasons. Arduino already has a big open-source following and it’s one of the easiest ways to bridge the physical and digital worlds together. Secondly, each Flutter can be a node in a larger mesh network, which could be useful for large public projects. (Or if I wanted to fly my drone to the next town over, I suppose!)

Pledges for the basic board started at $35 but they’re all accounted for, so now it costs $45 for the same package of two boards, two USB cables and a pair of breakout kits. Additional pledge packages are available to get the Flutter Pro.


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