HTC One Max for China Unicom smiles for the camera

HTC one max size

HTC may be working on its own mobile operating system for China, but that doesn’t mean it will turn its back on Android this very second. The handset maker is expected to debut the HTC One Max, a large Android smartphone meant to compete with other tablet-sized phones on the market and ePrice, a Taiwan-based forum, has reported images of the handset.

This particular model has alleged internals for China Unicom but the base handset will likely look the same across all markets.

htc one max rear open

You can clearly see room for what many expect will be a fingerprint reader under the camera. The phone’s back cover is removed, but that doesn’t mean the HTC One Max will have a removable battery. Here’s a pic comparing sizes between the HTC One Max and HTC One to illustrate the difference.

htc one max and htc one rear

Android Beat expects the HTC One Max to have a 5.9-inch display, which could offer a tablet experience with the addition of the phone’s cellular voice capabilities.

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