Galaxy Note 2 and 3 screens side-by-side: A larger display in nearly the same space


Credit: ETrade Supply

Leaked images of the Galaxy Note 3 screen suggest what we’ve been hearing all along: The Note 3 will have a larger display compared to its predecessor but the device won’t increase much in overall size. SamMobile found the pair of screens posing for a mugshot at Ringer’s Blue Men, a Japanese blog:

galaxy note 2 and 3

What’s the secret sauce for cramming a larger display into a device without affecting the overall size? It’s all in the bezel and the Galaxy Note 3 is reported to come with just a 2.2-millimeter bezel. That will allow a small increase in the expected 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 display size as compared to the 5.5-inch screen found on the Galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy Note 3 bezel leak

This won’t be the first time Samsung has engineered a larger screen in a device that doesn’t grow in size. The company boosted the Galaxy S 4 display dimensions without a major change in size compared to the Galaxy S 3. And others are jumping on the trend where more can still be less: Motorola’s(s goog) Moto X uses a 4.7-inch display but is physically smaller than other phones with a similar screen thanks to thinner bezels.

Assuming the image is legit — and my gut says it is — there’s little surprise left for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 event planned for September 4!


Bye Bye Samsung

You know I re-read this article. And it seems to me that Samsung named this phone wrong. It was not properly thought out. Because if Samsung is going to essentially take the S4 and Note 2 and blend them together and add some bling. The out come is not an Note 3. It should be called Samsung Galaxy Note 2S Because it would be the second version of the note 2 series. That would give R&D time to really develop an outstanding phone. Not just slap two phones together. I will wait to see what IFA brings before I sell my note 2.


actually, it looks more like a revamped version of the original Samsung Galaxy Note. a 2S name sounds like an apple copycat, and you can’t revert it to a Note S2, it just doesn’t sound right ~ would be a mix of a Note and an S2.. LOL


I actually prefer the more pebble-like rounded look of the Note 2 in comparison to the squared off generic look of the Note 3 (it reminds me of something LG would make).


I’ll pass. I thought it was going to be a 5.9 in screen. I’m bummed. So for me I will go for the HTC One Max. Basically the same guts as the note 3. 2 gigs if ram. Not 3 gigs like the note 3. I will be happy in getting rid of my note 2 for an htc. It’s all good.

Robert Heng Woo Lim

Sorry Samsung,

I won’t be buying,as I had expected the size to be at at least 6.5 inches, ie an inch larger than Note 2 !!!

The Gnome

They should have gone with the round button to make their Apple rip-off complete.

The Gnome 2

A rip-off that is years ahead in technology and overall trashes the original?


Man, people who say stuff like this sound so freakin stupid in today’s day and age. There is plenty that Apple “ripped off” of other phones which came before it, but so what? Buy the phone you like and enjoy it instead of always looking over your shoulder and worrying about who is copying who in an industry which is built on copying.

On another note (no pun intended) the Note 3 looks extremely nice. Kudos to Samsung for shrinking the bezel more and more. Now when I see phones with even medium sized bezels they look ancient and ugly to me.

john smith

Thank YOU! I can’t figure that out either. Bitter and jealous I would guess.

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