Samsung to show Galaxy Gear smartwatch next week



After a season of speculation, Samsung has finally spoken up to The Korea Times about its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The Korean company confirmed longstanding rumors that its foray into wearable technology will, in fact, make a public appearance on September 4 in Berlin, Germany.

Samsung’s Executive Vice President of Mobile Business, Lee Young-hee, confirmed the event’s date — which is slated two days before the Berlin IFA show. Given the Galaxy Gear moniker, it’s likely the smartwatch will be powered by Android. Young-hee also shed some light on the technological aspects of the device, particularly that it won’t have a flexible display. While she declined to go into more detail, the watch will probably not stray too far from the patent Samsung filed earlier this month.

The smartwatch space has been bursting at the seams this year, with both big companies and independent hardware manufacturers alike getting in on the action. Their popularity is also expected to increase by an order of magnitude, jumping from 500,000 shipments to 5 million by 2014, according to research firm Canalys.

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be sharing the stage, as Young-hee confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also scheduled to debut to the public at the same event.


Merrick Michelle Pickens

This smartwatch is way better:

HOT smartwatch… you can take private calls from watch via hand gestures. plus they just confirmed their patent on these things. Cool be pretty cool future for them..


I’d choose something like this over the Samsung gear.. I was excited until I found out they’re just doing a concept release! It’ll be awhile til they’re shipping these things.


It probably won’t sell very well, but flexible OLEDs are so sexy.


Smart Watches…as first worn by Dick Tracey. :)

This has taken waaaaay too long.

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