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Podcast: Here’s what’s wrong with the Internet of Things

With summer winding down, I decided to check in with my colleague Om Malik about his thoughts on the internet of things. After months of griping about first world problems or the hard life of renters after I mentioned a new connected door lock or sock, Om went out a month ago and purchased a Nest, a WeMo and the Philips Hue light bulbs.

In the podcast, you can find out his favorite new toy so far, what has frustrated him most and which gadget he’s regretting. We also discuss why he thinks connectivity is important, what companies he and I like as well as the importance of design. So grab a frosty beverage and listen to Om opine on connected devices. (I managed to opine a bit on services.)

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Show notes:
Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guest: Om Malik, senior writer at GigaOM

  • Om explains his views on the internet of things
  • Om’s favorite connected devices isn’t even connected yet
  • Why design matters when it comes to connected objects and why IFTTT isn’t for everyone
  • It’s not enough to design a product, you need to design a service


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One Response to “Podcast: Here’s what’s wrong with the Internet of Things”

  1. Greg Toth

    Thanks Om and Stacey for your perspectives on the current state of the Internet of Things. I agree it currently has a gadgety feel, especially in the connected home space. Much like the early days of the iPhone, WiFi and digital cameras before they turned the corner and became an everyday part of many people’s lives.

    At the moment the technologists seem best equipped to deal with the complexities, integration issues, and variety — something they are generally accustomed to given the constantly changing nature of technology. To get to the next level we really need to bring the designers, creatives, investors, policymakers, data analysts, and everyday users to the table to help the technologists create things that are useful, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. As everyone learns more about what’s possible, and combines it with creative thinking and lessons of the past, the industry can move farther in the right direction. Creating things that are useful to everyday users and are invisible to those who don’t really care about the technology details is key.

    Let’s also not forget that there’s a broader Internet of Things landscape beyond the connected home. Biomedical, environmental and energy to name a few. The idea of data-driven devices and processes is not new but the confluence of many underlying enabling technologies is changing the game on what’s possible.

    I enjoy reading your articles and keep up the thoughtful coverage of the emerging world of the Internet of Things!

    Greg Toth
    Internet of Things DC
    Washington DC