Moto Maker site open to direct orders for AT&T contract, no-contract phones

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Unless you want an all white or an all black Moto X(s goog) handset, there’s no need to visit an AT&T(s t) retail store. On Tuesday, Motorola announced an upgrade to its Moto Maker site, allowing customers to customize and order a phone online. The site will check your AT&T eligibility for upgrade pricing or you can order a no-contract Moto X at $579 or $629 depending on the storage choice.

I’ve already tested the process and it correctly verified my upgrade eligibility, just as Apple’s(s aapl) online iPhone store would. A free Motorola Skip accessory is also included for a limited time.

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Darren Peters

I used this last Monday because of being selected in AT&T drawing. Worked fine although when my order was completed text and data were deleted from my account. Had to call to get these put back on. Might be better to go to an AT&T store, let them handle upgrade and get the online code for moto maker.

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