Chromecast setup app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch released


You can already stream content through an iOS(s aapl) device to Google’s(s aapl) Chromecast and now it’s a little bit easier to set up the small HDMI dongle from an Apple device. Google introduced a new free Chromecast app for iOS on Tuesday that lets you find, set up and manage Chromecast settings from iOS. This functionality was already available in a web browser but the custom application makes it simpler to work with Google’s $35 streaming device. You’ll need to be running iOS 5.1 or better to install and use this software.


Philip Kraft

I am in agreement with all of the people before me, that have tried to use their iPad with chromecast. It just doesn’t work. So is google going to do anything about it?


Don’t understand why it was announced that google chrome is no available for iPad. I set it up but cannot stream anything, similar to the other comments. Who ever supervises the deployment of this device should be questioned. The concept is fantastic especially if google can teach apple how to get out the box and keep up with the new technology. I know and expect to hear that the bugs have been worked out. Look forward to the new upgrade.


We have the same problem, neither on Ipad2, nor on mini IPad, both with IOS7 update installled, we can find the chromecast app in Apple’s app store. Any which way we approach the app store only à blank screen is our result when trying to find the chromecast app. The chromecast works fine from an Android fone and from à Windows laptop. Is IOS7 the culprit or is Apple not very Google minded?


Are you in the UK Nat? I’ve tried to find the app this morning and its still only available in the US


I have chromecast working fine with my PC, BUT …
I downloaded the app onto my iPad2 with IOS7, all using the same fios network, and can not get the chromecast signal. I keep going to settings and there is no other choice but my fios wifi. And yes the TV is on with the ready to cast statement.
Originally I set up the chromecast with my iPad, even customized the chromecast signal, then IOS 7 got an update to prevent bypass of the security code and I it stopped working, no casting signal. I deleted the app from my iPad2 and started over. The TV with PC was working fine. Turned off PC & TV. Turned Tv on and started from scratch with setting up chromecast on my iPad2… No go!
Please help.

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