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NSA hacked into encrypted UN communications, leaked documents show

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The NSA successfully cracked the encryption guarding the United Nations’ internal videoconferencing system, according to documents seen by Germany’s Der Spiegel.

The publication  reported on Sunday that the encryption’s bypassing took place in the summer of 2012, and that within three weeks the NSA had boosted the number of such decrypted communications from 12 to 458.

According to the documents leaked by Edward Snowden, on one occasion when the Americans were breaking into UN communications, they discovered the Chinese had tried to do the same. The UN headquarters are sited in New York. Spying on the United Nations is illegal under international law.

Der Spiegel‘s report also followed on from earlier revelations about the NSA bugging EU institutions, explaining that the U.S. agency gained access to the virtual private network (VPN) used by the EU’s embassies in America.

It also claimed that the U.S. maintains a monitoring program called the “Special Collection Service” in over 80 embassies and consulates around the world, often without the knowledge of the host country.

In separate revelations on the weekend, the NSA admitted some agents had used the agency’s facilities to spy on their love interests. This allegedly only happened on a handful of occasions, but often enough to inspire the term “LOVEINT”. The Guardian reported that, in one case, an analyst had spied on his former spouse.

UPDATE (5am PT, Monday 26 August): Der Spiegel has now published an extensive English version of its scoop.

39 Responses to “NSA hacked into encrypted UN communications, leaked documents show”

  1. When I read this I wonder why people aren’t just refusing to pay their taxes, because it’s the only way we citizens still have to stop this rogue organization.

    If we are to stop this cancer, we have to starve it and that means, REFUSE TO PAY TAXES. It’s being done by a few already, with success. If others join in this criminal organization will fall like a castle of cards.

  2. Was looking for date I am scheduled for execution. I am obviously not a hosstage, just a slave, a political rape case refugee, and a communist accused of treason. All grown up now tired of you ducking around with my life.

    Any other games you want to play?

    Another 40 or so years of slavery and rape just is just not appealing.

    Go duck your own interests now….

    Or give me a gun and let me do it myself.

  3. Kuntao Kunaya

    Last year you could posy anywhere you wanted on the web, often with no password. Now to join the thread you need a twitter,facebook or your google acct to gain access. And its free, right? Well what are they doing with our access. Nothing is free. I think one day some scary people will have every person you know in the palm of their hands, maybe not plain people like you and I, but important people that could mbe bnlackmaied and hurt our countries security. Lack of privacy on Internet is like a wave building up. Its building up momentum, until……..too late.

  4. William Hewitt

    Biden and Obama spell BO and they are the “Lying & Spying” government!
    BO has attacked Brazil with NSA thugs using all American companies as willing spies. The NSA thugs will steal their women and money. The globalists believe they own the world and dictate terms to the world. This insane policy by the Krauthammer Clan is intended to create World War III and destroy America. The 30 year policy by mad Charles of Globalization which was shipping good paying middle class jobs to cheap labor countries of China and Vietnam has destroyed the American economy by wiping out the middle class and to compound this disaster the Krauthammer Clan kept our borders to the South open and invited Mexican cheap labor to immigrate (11 million and counting) and this created super power China that is debt free and able to compete militarily because they stole our technology for a penny on the dollar. Mad Charles continues to plot and scheme but all this K Clan has accomplished is to create a plan that places America in debt (a $TRILLION bailout of crooked bankers) and lose credibility and world standing.
    Make sure you get vaccinated with the contaminated Flu shot that has aborted human fetal cell line DNA and retrovirus HervK and has 25 mcg HG which cause autism, ADHD, APD, Crohn’s IBD, Cancer, Alzheimer’s via Insertional Mutagenesis.

  5. John Reynolds

    This disclosure shows that NSA is spying on foreigners, which is its mission. OK, so it’s illegal to spy on the UN, which shows some consistency in NSA’s regard for the law: We’re hunting terrorists. We don’t need no stinking 4th Amendment.”

    In the face of this attitude, it’s clear we’ve got take matters into our own hands to protect what little of our privacy remains. Start using TOR for browsing, Textcrypt for text messages and Cellcrypt for phone calls. Then take everything off DropBox, Instagram, iCloud, etc and stash it all in a Cloudlocker ( which works just the same but stays in the house where they still need a warrant to get inside.

  6. Mr. Derp

    EVERY country has these types of programs. The USA just had a leaker, named Snowden. ALL countries do this type of monitoring, and some are better at it…

  7. John James

    United Nations should move it’s HQ to Switzerland. Americans won’t learn to behave unless they get slapped back hard. I think this is now the fourth big spy case exposed when americans have spied on UN HQ. I think by now the americans have proven to the whole world that they can not be trusted. They lie and cheat and spy every chance they get. They have consistently taught us to not trust them and that they will not change their ways. Draw the conclusions and close the UN NY HQ offices. It is time for UN to slap back.

    • Kalu Ude

      Frankly this sort of talk is the problem. Modern America is a product of Europe. The definitive “dog returning to its vomit”. It’s not “America” or “Americans” that is the problem. It is the culture of distrust that will continue to persist until the rest of the world is fed up with these antics.

    • John I’m an American,…and truly sorrowed to inform you i agree with most of what you said,..however you should know that not all Americans would resort to such measures,…there are still a lot of good people here,..its mostly the pigs in power here that believe they have the right to do whatever they want to get the upper hand..the majority of Americans are hard working honest people that would never agree to such a practice..but have no doubt,..the people here have had just about enough of these type things…….

  8. I like Silicon Valley and (most of) the people living there. Their openness and how easy it is to start something big there from a business perspectives.

    But seriously: Let’s kick these spooks out of Europe together with all of our politicians that allowed foreign services to bug the shit out of our fine Europe (or looked away and thus indirectly allowed them to do it).

    By US standards this would probably be an act of terrorism of a foreign nation bugs them, so why is it none if they do mass surveillance Europe?

    I bet 1000 EUR (that’s like 2m USD) the Konrad Adenauer plane of Mr. Merkel (it was upgraded by Northrop Grumman in 2012 or 2013 with defensive and surveillance stuff) is bugged, too.

    • In order for this to be remotely acceptable, every person who uses NSA surveilled technology would need to have the same view of the NSA and their activities and intimate life as the NSA has. You can’t have one group taking immensely intrusive, one-way power over others and then claim it is some sort of positive, shared spiritual experience.

      (Note: My other reply for some reason didn’t show up under this one, so I’m reposting)