ICYMI podcasts: Google’s big cloud and Samsung’s small smartwatch

Just how big is “big” data? A peek into that answer comes from Greg DeMichillie, director of product management for the Google(s goog) Cloud Platform on our GigaOM Structure podcast this week. DeMichillie explains Google’s lessons learned from scaling out its cloud services, which now handles 4 trillion read/write transactions per month.

Change channels to our GigaOM Weeky Wrapup show and you’ll hear all the juicy details from our sources on Samsung’s expected Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Plus, Barnes & Noble(s bks) seems to make an about face on its Nook business; Laura Owen explains what that means for the company going forward.

On this week’s Internet of Things podcast, Stacey Higginbotham chats up connected devices with Bret Kovacs from Quirky. Kovacs handles his company’s relationship with GE which offers Quirky a glimpse at GE(s ge) patents so that it can help create useful connect devices.

Finally, our GigaOM Chrome Show discusses when Google could introduce new Chrome OS hardware; perhaps improved devices would reduce some of the shine from new Apple(s aapl) products in the fall. Another school district goes with Chromebooks while our extension of the week can be a time-saver for reading web content.

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