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Painlessly erase your internet life with

Extricating yourself from the sticky, tangled web of social media can be a real pain. First, it’s difficult to even find out how to quit in the first place. Then, there’s all the messy guilt-tripping and emotional appeals involved before actually clicking delete.

Are you sure you want to leave? All of your friends will miss you.

Why are you leaving? Do you not enjoy your time here?

By the time a user finds the way to the page where the actual deletion happens, there’s a decreased chance of follow-through — either through guilt or frustration. Many of the tactics websites wield to keep users aboard are called “Dark Patterns,” deliberate design techniques to keep users from deleting their pages., a website developed by UK developer Robb Lewis, cuts through all of those sneaky tactics to post direct links to the pages that actually delete web accounts.

While effectively cuts through the tactics of many websites to seamlessly delete information from Facebook, Reddit, Google and Tumblr, there are some caveats. Lewis has color-coded websites based on their difficulty, and has made special notes where phone calls to customer service or vital information needs to be given to the website. For example, to cancel a Skype username, Lewis notes, “Contact customer services. You’ll need to know 5 contacts from your contacts list, the month you created your account, and your signup email address.” And some websites, like WordPress, have no effective method of deletion. is a great website to keep in your bookmarks bar for that time when you’ve finally had it with a website but can’t bring yourself to undergo the rigamarole of actually deleting it. The painless process can take a minimum of two clicks, saving users the headache of breaking up with internet.

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