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Ordering a customized Moto X? It might take more than four days to get it

Arguably the best feature about the Moto X(s goog) is the ability to physically customize the phone with over 2,000 unique combinations through Motorola’s Moto Maker website. Motorola has gone so far as to build the phones in Forth Worth, Texas, to ensure that the device can go from a concept in your head to a product on your doorstep in four days or less. But after being on sale for less than 24 hours, it appears there’s already a snag in the plan. Motorola took to its blog on Thursday to explain that, in anticipation of high demand, it might take longer than four days to receive a customized Moto X.

According to Motorola, “We’ll be working hard to get your customized Moto X to you as quickly as possible. We expect that because of high demand, initial shipping times may vary. But we will get that down to 4 days or less as soon as we possibly can.” There is no extended timeframe given, so it is unclear if buyers should expect their phones to arrive two days late or two weeks late.

This is especially disappointing when you consider another promised feature, engraving, isn’t available at all right now. Motorola addresses this too. “We’ll also be adding digital printing in the future, so you can include a personal message on the back of your Moto X.”

It’s good for Motorola if the demand for customized phones is so high it can barely keep up, but it’s bad for consumers, who were given certain expectations in the beginning and are now being potentially let down.

I’m all for the customized phones. I got to try Moto Maker and it was really awesome. I’d even be okay with a one-week wait time if that’s what I was told from the get-go. But Motorola made it such a big point to emphasize the custom engraving and four-day wait that it’s hard not to feel let down.

If you don’t want to wait, you can always head to your local AT&T store and pick up a black or white model. A loaner problem was originally promised for AT&T customers planning to use Moto Maker, but AT&T has since said that loaners are for repairs under warranty only.

But if you can stick it out and wait for a customized phone, go for it. Just remember that, for the time being, you might be waiting a little longer than you initially expected.

12 Responses to “Ordering a customized Moto X? It might take more than four days to get it”

  1. paul goss

    I was the first person to go through the process at the local ATT store. Took a little bit longer than I thought it might because the reps scanner wasn’t working. Promised 4 days.. As I got to figuring out the combination of colors I wanted the site told me “10 days”. The other “surprise” was how ugly most of the colors are and the lake of wallpapers we have seen in the ads for the phone. That being the case, it is the hands free and notification functions that had me going for it on opening day…

    • paul goss

      Less than 12 hours later I got a nice email:

      “The folks in Ft. Worth, Texas are working on your phone right now. They’ll no doubt be impressed with your design skills.

      We’ll send you another email when your phone leaves the building.”

      • Tia Pri

        This is really impressive. I ordered one very early on Friday and it has already left the building. Looks like it will arrive in 4 days as promised. They may have received a lot of orders through the day. This is an awesome new experience and I think they’ll only get better at it.

  2. We went to the flagship AT&T store in San Francisco. Ordered 2 Moto X. The Pin Code for customization does not work. Went back to the store. They did all the work over again. Still does not work. Spent 5 hour. AT&T blames Motorola. Motorola blames AT&T. Get a Samsung from Verizon.