The Structure Show: Big Data is still a big deal and Google’s 4 trillion storage transactions

Some folks say Google’s compute cloud is a distraction for a company that made its name and fortune in web search. Greg DeMichillie, director of product management for the Google Cloud Platform, is definitely not one of them. This week, DeMichillie talks about the lessons Google learned from building its search behemoth and how they are applicable to a cloud that non-Googlers, too, can use. You want scale? Google’s cloud data store handles 4 trillion read/write transactions per month, he notes. Trillion with a “t.”

Google cloud guy Greg DeMichillie
Google cloud guy Greg DeMichillie

And for those who still doubt Google’s commitment to cloud as a major business should remember, some folks also still call Amazon a book seller.

In addition, Derrick Harris defends big data’s honor in the face of those who say it’s just another tech boondoggle, and we hash out the never-ending cloud storage-sync-and-share wars being waged by Box, Dropbox and (insert your favorite vendor’s name here).

So get comfy, hit play and join us.

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