Look beyond the traditional mobile industry at Mobilize


Mobile subscriber growth has slowed to a crawl in the U.S., and it is actually on the wane in at least one major European market. GigaOM’s Mobilize conference will explore the opportunities and challenges that exist beyond the traditional definition of mobile.

Speakers at our October event will discuss the devices and services we’re likely to see in the next few years, and they will examine issues related to the massive amounts of data that will be generated by users and leveraged by industry players. Topics and speakers will include:

Analytics and the promise of highly targeted mobile advertising

Ever-increasing amounts of data will be used to deliver effective, lucrative ads to the most appropriate users at the right time and place. But doing so without invading users’ privacy or appearing invasive will be difficult. Michael Neidhoefer of Netbiscuits will discuss how brands can minimize those risks as they approach mobile consumers.

Beyond the carrier-dominated model: opportunities for disruption

Carriers controlled nearly every aspect of the mobile industry just a few years ago, but their grip is loosening with the increasing use of Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth and apps and services from third parties. Android co-founder and Google Ventures General Partner Rich Miner will discuss whether mobile is ripe for disruption, and Micha Benoliel of Open Garden will talk about the possibilities of shared bandwidth connections among users.

Join us at Mobilize in October as we examine what the next generation of mobile looks like. Register early and save.

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