Leaked photos show what a gold iPhone 5S might really look like

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Credit: Weekly Ascii

Talk of a gold iPhone 5S(s aapl) has reached a fever pitch, but so far the internet hasn’t given us a really believable leaked photo or mockup — until now. Leaked images of a purported gold iPhone 5S have been published by Japanese website Weekly Ascii, and subsequently tweeted by Sonny Dickson, who has been behind the majority of the iPhone 5C leaks.

There’s a couple of reasons these photos actually looks like they could be the real deal. For one thing, the gold here is much more in line with the “champagne” color reports have mentioned, rather than the color of a bar of gold, which wouldn’t fit Apple’s design aesthetic. Additionally, the thinner font on the back of the phone appears to match the new font Apple is using for iOS 7.

Still, take these images with a grain of salt, as there’s just no way to actually know what Apple has in store until its event. Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5S, as well as the lower cost iPhone 5C, at an event on September 10.

Gold iPhone 5S fan Gold iPhone 5S comparison Gold iPhone 5S stacked

All images from Weekly Ascii.