BlackBerry 10’s app woes continue

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BlackBerryReview has the scoop this week that a single developer accounts for an astounding 47,000-plus titles in BlackBerry World. And while a handful of titles from S4BB, as the developer is called, appear to be worth downloading, the vast majority “are actually borderline legitimate apps” that offer content of dubious value.

That’s a problem, of course, because BlackBerry 10 — like Windows Phone — has had trouble enticing developers to its platform. And the lack of apps compared to iOS and Android is a major reason why neither platform has gained much traction among users.

BlackBerry has tried to address the problem by hosting “port-a-thons” and handing out cash in an effort to get developers to tweak apps from other platforms — particularly Android — to BlackBerry 10. But as Mobile World Live reported in May, those ported Android apps simply haven’t been up to par: They oftentimes can’t access important features of BlackBerry handsets, making them far less functional than the true Android counterparts. So BlackBerry faces an ongoing challenge not only in building out its app library, but in doing it with titles that are built for the platform from the ground up.