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One Laptop Per Child and Open Garden partner for tablet connectivity

Children’s education technology non-profit One Laptop Per Child has already released the line of low-cost family-oriented tablets it showed off at this year’s CES, the XO Tablet. Now, the company is joining forces with peer-to-peer networking company Open Garden to bring better internet connectivity to the devices that would match the power and reach of the non-profit’s signature laptops.

“Open Garden is pleased to help children be better connected on their XO Tablets,” Micha Benoliel, co-founder and CEO of Open Garden, said in a press release. “This partnership takes us closer to our vision which is to build a network made of connected devices and provide Internet access to everyone.”

Open Garden will come pre-loaded on all XO tablets, enabling places without reliable Wi-Fi or 3G networks to share Internet from a central laptop or mobile device. This means, for example, a classroom of kids with XO tablets will be able to access online materials by connecting to an ad-hoc Internet network distributed by a teacher’s computer. The feature could obviously boost connectivity in a place where Internet is a precious resource, and combine well with OLPC’s laptop to produce a full technology suite for kids to learn with.

Benoliel will also be speaking on Open Garden’s progress at Mobilize 2013, Gigaom’s conference about all things connected. The conference will take place October 16-17 in San Francisco, and tickets are available now