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Netflix rolls out “My List,” a watch-it-later list that replaces the Instant Queue

Netflix (s NFLX) on Wednesday announced “My List,” a watch-it-later list that replaces the Instant Queue for U.S. members and provides international users with an alternative to Netflix’s recommendation algorithm for the first time.

“My List,” which will roll out to everyone worldwide over the next two weeks, adds a row to the home screen where until now streaming members have only seen recommendations from Netflix’s algorithm. It will be available on all Netflix’s apps.

Netflix automatically sorts the list to present you “with the titles you’re most likely to want to watch right up front. In our tests, most members really appreciated this automated sorting and it was much more useful than the manual sorting capability of the Instant Queue.” If you want to change that option and sort the list yourself, though, you can.

My List also adds a few features that Instant Queue lacked. Michael Spiegelman, the company’s director of product innovation, noted in a blog post:

“We have also added further details to the titles in your List to make it more informative. For example we will display a special tag for those TV series that have new seasons. We will also show a special call out if a title on your List will soon no longer be available on Netflix because our rights to stream it are set to expire. This feature is currently only available on the website but will be rolled out to more devices in the coming months.”

4 Responses to “Netflix rolls out “My List,” a watch-it-later list that replaces the Instant Queue”

  1. Remember when we had to drive, go stand in line and pay a couple of bucks to see a single video? And then make sure we brought it back “on time”?

    Now we pay 8 bucks for unlimited … and complain because they changed the queue (which was stated in the article that can be changed back.)

    If you wanna see real crazy waaaaa … go read the Hulu comments.

  2. Sarah Shacklette

    This really irritates me! It threw all the ‘new’ shows in front, which would be cool except that I already watched them and threw them to the back of my queue so I could wait for later. I actually had my queue in order of what I wanted to watch and now it is a hot mess. Not impressed at all!

  3. Thanks for this heads up. I was able to print my list before Netflix destroyed it.

    After seeing what they’ve done I’ve come to the conclusion companies are now just about change for change-sake. They don’t care about making things better, just different. There’s no reason they couldn’t have added this feature and left the list.