LG G2 to arrive on AT&T and Verizon before mid-September


Credit: Alex Colon

When LG(s LG) announced the G2 a few weeks ago, it had a lot to say about its new flagship phone, minus one key detail: a release date. Android Central today is reporting that sources familiar with LG have pegged the phone for a September 12 release on Verizon(s vz)(s vod), and September 13 on AT&T(s t).

Launching the phone before mid-September will likely give LG a head start on Apple(s aapl), HTC and Samsung, which are expected to introduce the iPhone 5S, the HTC One Max and the Galaxy Note 3, respectively. And getting the phone to market in just over a month in the U.S. is a slightly faster turnaround than we’ve seen from LG in the past, which is key if it wants to remain competitive in the smartphone market.

AT&T will reportedly begin taking pre-sales on September 3, offering a free folio case to customers that order the phone early. The preorder page is already up on Verizon’s site, and Verizon claims its model of the phone comes with exclusive wireless charging capabilities.

There is still no information on pricing or availability for the LG G2 on Sprint(s s) and T-Mobile(s tmus). The phone has already gone on sale in South Korea.



Great to hear that. I was about to go for the HTC One on Verizon, but this news has made me change my mind. There’s is no way I’m ignoring the G2.


tell me what g2 has over the ultra and the maxx. I have been leaning toward the g2 but not sure how it measures up to the ultra which is a nice phone.

Joe Assbutt

Everything except the battery life. But the G2 should be good on that as well.


It’s amazing that Verizon will sell a non-exclusive smartphone before anyone else in the US.


Agreed! I’m a long time Verizon customer and I am always jealous of the other carriers devices! For once Verizon customers can have a cutting edge device that is not a Verizon exclusive at launch! I will still compare the ultra and the g2( active notifications and always on seem cool) but leaning toward g2.

matt brulport

The ultra can’t even compete with the g2. What are you thinking? The Maxx might have a chance but even it falls considerably short.

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