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A few good charts showing why website design matters

A data science consultancy called Change Sciences Group has released a report detailing how poor website design can harm business. The report focuses on retirement- and investment-industry websites such as T. Rowe Price, TD Ameritrade a,d E*Trade, but the lessons can easily be applied elsewhere as well.

This isn’t 2001: Consumers expect simple websites. Yes, the reasons people visit websites certainly affects whether or not they actually purchase a product, and brokerages probably have different clientele than consumer websites and even consumer banks. But it stands to reason that better web design translates to better business whatever the case. (In fact, our entire RoadMap conference in November is dedicated to the importance of design across all types of products.)

retirement1retirement2Here are screenshots of the T. Rowe Price and Amazon websites, just for the sake of comparison. At a quick glance, it’s pretty easy to see that Amazon makes it clear it sells things and you can buy them. I’m not even sure where I’d get started if I were new to T. Rowe Price. Obviously, the Change Sciences Group uses a more-quantitative methodology.

trowe screenamazon screen

10 Responses to “A few good charts showing why website design matters”

  1. People need to see a website easy to access. When you open a site and you search for a button, a page or something, you may loose your patience and close the site. So, my opinion is that a website must be simple but with a beautiful design and color.