WordPress, BMW, Spotify, PayPal, New Relic take the stage at Structure:Europe

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Where are the opportunities to build the next multibillion dollar business in Europe? And what are the barriers? While leading companies across Europe are adopting cloud technology as a core part of their infrastructure and business models (good for business), there is plenty to worry about (bad for business). Here are some of the discussions and debates you’ll take part in at Structure:Europe.

Post-PRISM panopticon: confidence in cloud computing

After recent revelations about the U.S. National Security Agency’s data collection program, how can European businesses take advantage of cloud technologies and still maintain reasonable security and data privacy? Projects like PRISM and the roughly analogous UK Tempora may have far-reaching implications for users of public cloud. Will the NSA-gate fallout really cost cloud companies $180 billion worth of business?

Amazon vs. the world: How can cloud service providers compete?

In this panel debate, moderated by GigaOM’s David Meyer, Tony Lucas, the founder and VP of product at Flexiant, will join Ditlev Bredahl, the CEO of OnApp, to debate how cloud service providers can compete against industry giants like Amazon. The discussion will highlight common challenges and alternative approaches to positioning and propositions. Panelists will debate whether federation, differentiation, growth through resellers or geographical scale is the right approach for cloud service providers. Find out exactly how the cloud service providers are planning to win.

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It is interesting at the moment the cloud world is trying to react to what Amazon effectively started. I see CSC, ATOS etc being the main competitors as their ace in the hole is always their managed services. I still see Amazon struggling to get enterprise customers even though they have made huge strides in their offerings for this. Really interesting read on the cloud providers win strategy!


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