Wacom’s newest stylus adds pressure sensitive drawing to iPads


Drawing on the iPad is possible with a stylus, but Apple’s(s aapl) tablet doesn’t support pressure sensitivity. Wacom has a new $99 stylus to fix that problem: The new Intuos Creative Stylus measures the pressure you put on it and supports up to 2,048 levels. Swipe the stylus lightly on an iPad to get a thin line; pressing the pen harder on the screen creates thicker lines. The Bluetooth 4.0 accessory is a clever way to add a hardware feature to a tablet without actually adding anything to the tablet.



Cool, glad they are out competing in this market now. But it’s still not as precise as the Jot Touch 4, and it’s cheaper.

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm

Hi Kevin, thanks for the post. One question I have is whether this stylus offers palm rejection on the iPad. No mention of that in the article, or did I miss it?

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