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Email insecurity fears take out legal discussion site Groklaw

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Pamela “PJ” Jones, the proprietor of Groklaw, is shutting down operations in the wake of the Lavabit secure email service closure. Groklaw, which was originally set up to cover the long-running SCO v. Novell trial but went on to facilitate discussions around all sorts of open-source and patent issues, relied partly on anonymous user tips. Jones said email could no longer be trusted, and said she was personally trying to get off the internet as much as possible.

2 Responses to “Email insecurity fears take out legal discussion site Groklaw”

  1. A sad day for the entire IT world :(
    It’s interesting that PJ is recommending as a way to have secure emails:

    If you have to stay on the Internet, my research indicates that the short term safety from surveillance, to the degree that is even possible, is to use a service like Kolab for email, which is located in Switzerland, and hence is under different laws than the US, laws which attempt to afford more privacy to citizens. I have now gotten for myself an email there, p.jones at in case anyone wishes to contact me over something really important and feels squeamish about writing to an email address on a server in the US.