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Al Jazeera hints at new online programming for cord cutters and cable hold-outs

Al Jazeera launched its U.S. cable network Tuesday, but a significant part of its potential audience couldn’t tune in: Viewers used to watching Al Jazeera’s international channel online found themselves blocked from accessing its programming this week, and some key TV providers aren’t carrying Al Jazeera America.

Al Jazeera executives seem to be acutely aware of those missed eyeballs. The network is urging potential viewers to contact their pay TV providers, but the news organization also seems to be working on additional online offerings for people without access to the new network. Here’s what Riyaad Minty, Al Jazeera’s Head of Social Media, had to say on Twitter about this issue:

He also said that Al Jazeera may be launching a new online offering within the next few weeks, but added that this wouldn’t be connected to Al Jazeera America.

Minty didn’t go into further details, but it’s possible that Al Jazeera, whose corporate headquarter is in Quatar, may look to complement its U.S. cable channel with some online-exclusive content that wouldn’t be violating agreements with carriers, much in the same way that CNN and other established news networks are producing exclusive online content.

Al Jazeera America isn’t live streaming any of its programming online. Its international sister channel Al Jazeera English started to block U.S. viewers from accessing its YouTube videos last week, and followed up by blocking its live stream earlier this week as well.

Both were conditions imposed on the network in order to get distribution from cable TV providers — but even that didn’t stop some of those providers from shunning the new news network. Time Warner Cable decided back in January not to carry Al Jazeera, and AT&T dropped the channel hours before it went on the air.

10 Responses to “Al Jazeera hints at new online programming for cord cutters and cable hold-outs”

  1. MissingAJ

    I miss AlJazeera online streaming! This sucks!

    The one network that has intelligent investigative reporting that really makes an effort to be balanced, exploring viewpoints, and really investigating like real journalists do. The subjects are always interesting and the perspectives are always thought provoking….whether I agree or not!

    Please bring back streaming via Roku and online, too!

    Please, AlJazeera.

  2. Rosemary Blanchard

    So, Al Jazeera had best get most of its English language broadcasting back online. Even Comcast has the Al Jazeera channel on it s highest tier, which would add about $100 per month to my cable bill (I get basic only). That’s unacceptable. If there’s no way around it, Al Jazeera will lose its American base.

    • Danny McVey

      Rosemary…lookup VPN HotSpot. I use it to access Al Jazeera English just fine, including their YouTube content. New users get a free week of their “Elite” service, which is what you need in order to switch your IP address and access blocked content.

  3. AJ needs to say “Screw you ” to the CableCos. The long run will see the CableCos begging them for a “complementary cable channel version”. Cord cutters already saw AJE as a relacement for Internet-paranoid established TV networks and CableCos. Now AJ has begun to alienate their most loyal following. Like on the Newsroom last night: “You’ve lost the trust of the public. Get it back”

  4. Andy Jensen

    I hope they do, U.S is driving me crazy on how they make you pay for evrything. I think aljazeera should go back the way it was. If the u.s is acting like this it aint that important to get on TV. It wouldnt be that big of a deal but just to get the channel you have to pay a lot more money if you suscriber carries it.

    • I agree totally that it isnt that important to “get it on TV”. AJE ‘s live stream (FORMERLY available in the U.S.) PROVED that. They are now turning that backwards. TV should be a convenience for the sake of sit down, living room, large screen prescence to complement the REAL source for the Information, an untethered, real time, ongoing live stream with archives of video, discussion, etc.

    • Danny McVey

      Al Jazeera is trying to reach as many people as possible, and sadly the only way to do that is to get a spot on cable. Don’t blame them, blame the idiocracy for allowing their country to turn into a massive corporation.

  5. I very much wish the Live Stream of AJ English had not been cut off to US net users. It’s a wholly different channel! For the love of Walter Cronkite, I hope they don’t follow the BBC model all the way down the rabbit hole.

  6. The TV channel debut has been sooo satisfying to this old news junkie. Long-form old-style journalism. No “news-as-entertainment”.

    And worth a chuckle was discovering where all the folks I loved on the original CNN have reappeared. From Ali Velshi to Tony Harris – and even David Shuster who pissed people off at MSNBC – it’s been an enjoyable afternoon into evening.

    Just wish they could have started up with HD.

  7. Steve Ardire

    > it’s possible that Al Jazeera, whose corporate headquarter is in Quatar ( its spelled Qatar ) may look to complement its U.S. cable channel with some online-exclusive content

    That would be a smart move and hope they’re successful in their efforts because US mainstream media pretty much sucks !