Report: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear to ship soon after September launch


On September 4, Samsung is widely expected to debut the Galaxy Note 3 and possibly a smartwatch called the Galaxy Gear. Introducing a product isn’t the same as offering it for sale, however, so how long will consumers have to wait for the new products? Not long suggests one site.

SamMobile, which generally has good Samsung sources, reported on Monday that the two devices will launch very soon after their introductions. According to the site, shipping of the Galaxy Note 3 is planned for week 36 of the year — the same week of Samsung’s press event for the device — while the Galaxy Gear watch is slated to arrive on sale just four weeks later. Samsung is likely to announce official availability dates by region when introducing both products.

Over the air digital TV on Galaxy Note 2

The site also suggests that the Galaxy Note 3 will start in a 32 GB version to provide more free space to device owners.

That’s interesting since the company’s flagship Galaxy S 4 starts with 16 GB of total capacity but ends up with only 9.15 GB of free space. The company had to rework its Android software for the phone and provided an update that freed up more usable space and added the ability to store apps on a removable microSD card.

I doubt Samsung wants to go through that hassle again. For that reason, and because the Note 3 will likely have more software capabilities to support digital inking, I’m inclined to believe the SamMobile report on a 32 GB base model.


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