Barnes & Noble releases video apps for iOS, Android, Roku and its own soon-to-be-dead tablets


Struggling bookstore chain Barnes & Noble (s BKS) plans to stop manufacturing tablets in-house, but that isn’t stopping the retailer from continuing to build out its multimedia offerings. On Monday, B&N launched Nook Video apps for iOS (s AAPL), Android (s GOOG) and Roku. In addition, the company is releasing native Nook Video apps for the Nook Tablet and Nook Color — even though the future of those devices is in doubt, and Barnes & Noble has only committed to selling them through the holiday season.

Nook Video, which the company launched about a year ago, is Barnes & Noble’s attempt to compete with Amazon (s AMZN) and Apple (s AAPL)’s video offerings. It includes “thousands” of movies and TV shows for à la carte purchasing, but its catalog is still smaller than those of its rivals.

It’s a little unclear why Barnes & Noble is focusing on developing these apps when tablets aren’t part of its long-term strategy. It announced in June that it would stop manufacturing tablets in-house and would focus on e-ink readers going forward; it’s also looking for third-party manufacturers to build co-branded tablets with it. Then-CEO William Lynch said at the time that “the majority of the content sales come from non-tablets” and that e-readers have “been our primary customer acquisition vehicle for content.”

Barnes & Noble releases its quarterly earnings report on Tuesday.



I just went to compare prices against Amazon. They were almost all identical.


Amazon has failed to provide a general android video player. You need a Kindle or iOS.

No thanks.

I’ll be getting my videos from nook.


You might want to read over the press releases again. Yes, B&N is refocusing on ereaders, but tablets are not done, the manufacturing of new NOOK tablets will be done by another company and cobranded with B&N.
And also, the NOOK Color & Tablet have already been discontinued, they are the 2010 & 2011 models, the current models are the NOOK HD & HD+ which launched with NOOK Video already built in, and now with the launch of the video app, it is now available on the old models.

William Lynch

Lets see does Vudu, Cinemanow, Netflix or Hulu make their own tablets? Why would they have video stores? On yeah it’s because they are in the business of selling content.

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