Last week on Research: a cloud survey and an more affordable Apple


This week, leaked photos and specs of a cheaper version of the iPhone 5 (allegedly called the iPhone 5C) hit the online rumor mill. While it’s unclear if the phone will also make its debut at the September 10 media event that Apple has announced, the news has generated heated debate and speculation from writers and analysts across the internet – including our own. Over on GigaOM Research, our mobile analysts explore the market opportunities for a more affordable iPhone, dig in to the results from our latest cloud adoption survey, and more.

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Cleantech: Should the developed world be concerned about energy sourcing in the developing world?
Adam Lesser

Analyst Adam Lesser takes a look at recent data from the Energy Information Administration, which underscores “just how much the developed and developing worlds are diverging in their growth trajectories related to fossil fuels,” noting that developing countries are set to increase their fuel consumption by 40%, whereas the developed world is looking at flat (or even negative) growth projections. While the developed world continues to invest in renewable and alternative energy sources, Lesser fears that dependence on shrinking resources in the developing world will lead to further economic and national instability. He issues a call to developed nations to further invest in the development of cheap alternative energy as a global security strategy, and not just as an environmental policy.

Cloud: Survey: Examining perceptions of cloud across the IT department
Jo Maitland

Analyst Jo Maitland analyzes responses from GigaOM Research’s latest survey of IT decision makers, and specifically addresses the diverging opinions regarding cloud adoption between IT departments and senior management. Maitland breaks down the results from six key questions related to cloud adoption, costs, hiring and infrastructure logistics, and points out key sticking points that may affect decision-making at both the corporate and IT manager levels. She closes with a separate action items and takeaways for both vendors and IT leaders as they consider cloud adoption strategies and implementation models.

Mobile: Apple should offer a cheap iPhone (but it isn’t doomed if it doesn’t)
Colin Gibbs

In his latest analyst blog post, Colin Gibbs weighs in on Apple’s iPhone strategy. With the next iPhone reportedly set to launch at Apple’s September 10 media event, Gibbs (along with several other industry analysts) contends that the Cupertino company is overdue to offer a cheaper version of its iconic handset. With Android’s market share continuing to rise, Apple is in danger of losing its influence in the mobile market and especially among app developers. While there are certain branding and marketing implications to this strategy, Gibbs makes the case that these changes will help Apple maintain its dominance, especially in emerging markets.


Jasmine Bing

I certainly am eagerly looking forward to a more pocket-friendly version of the iPhone. However, the leaked images show a phone with a disgusting colour and a cheap shiny plastic back. I am definitely not gonna buy something that ugly!

It is good to know that they are conducting surveys to know learn about people’s opinion and I hope they take mine into consideration as well. I use online surveys too for my business. Online survey software such as SoGoSurvey can be real life savers if used wisely to expand your business.

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