Why there aren’t more startups founded by designers



There’s a high demand for designer entrepreneurs and not enough supply of them, says Wired. One of the problems? Just plain awareness and lack of exposure. Designers haven’t traditionally seen entrepreneurialism as an option. We’ll highlight designer founders at our RoadMap conference in November in San Francisco.



I second Byron Bennet’s comment. Being capable to create something, it doesn’t mean such capability will be able to translate into Business Plan creation.

Hopefully events like the RoadMap Conference will attempt to coach designers and creators to partner with or put together a team capable of developing strategies from a business plan to seeking and obtaining funding for their startup.

Byron Bennett

Another reason might be that a lot of designers are more interested in creating their art than they are in the art of creating a company. My guess is that many of the founder/designers were founders of companies where their design was the company.

If the act of design is what burns your fires, then the business of starting a company takes away a lot of time from doing what you love. That goes for hardcore coders as well.

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