The GigaOM Show: Fade to Blackberry, waves in the wireless world, and Chromecasts its spell


On this week’s podcast, we discuss whether this is the end for the once-dominant, Blackberry (s BBRY), and then expand that chat to see how the whole wireless world is evolving. Finally, we take a look at the Google (s GOOG) Chromecast to see if we’re still using it a few weeks in.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Guests: Alex Colon, Kevin Fitchard and Janko Roettgers

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You have never used a BlackBerry z10? You guys are a joke. Yes, they need to turn it around, but people like you make it impossible to make any head way. Commenting on products you have never used is unprofessional. l I’ve had the Z10 for six months and it is by the best smart phone out there. I’d bet if you used one for a week you would have a completely different view. Thought I’d check you out for the first time today. Too bad it’s the last. Tell me when you actually use products before cutting them up.

Chris Albrecht

It’s not just the device — it’s the whole ecosystem. Something Blackberry lacks. The discussion is around the company as a whole — not individual products.

But thanks for listening!

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