Samsung Galaxy Gear pegged as a smartwatch coming September 4


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It’s time for the smartwatch market to heat up: After a trademark filing for “Galaxy Gear” earlier this month, Samsung is reportedly planning to debut a watch with that name on September 4. According to Boomberg’s sources, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch “will make phone calls, surf the Web and handle e-mails.”

Android(s goog) is the obvious choice to power such a watch, which sounds like it will be a second screen for a smartphone but with some added functions. Notifications, incoming caller ID information and email messages can easily be pushed to a smartwatch over a wireless connection such as Bluetooth. If the watch will also surf the web, it would likely support applications and use a paired smartphone’s connection to access the internet.

Bloomberg says the watch will debut with the Galaxy Note 3, which we already expect on September 4. The device won’t have a bendable display, but Samsung is working on one.

The rush to get a smartphone on the market is to get ahead of any similar product from Apple(s aapl). That’s a good move, provided Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is a stellar product. It’s not uncommon for Apple to delay product launches until the devices work as good as Apple wants to them to.

Other companies have smartwatches on the market, but in their haste, have delivered sub-par experiences.


Sony(s sne) claims it’s a leader in the smartwatch segment and now has a third iteration of its watch available. The first two weren’t exceptional products with users frequently experiencing connection drops and other issues. Google also has a smartwatch in Motorola’s MotoACTV, since it now owns the company, but the device launched in late 2011 and hasn’t been updated with a new model.

If Samsung does debut a Galaxy Gear smartwatch in September, we’re sure to hear more about it and other aspects of wearables : Dennis Miloseski Head of Design Studio, Samsung Design America will be speaking at our Mobilize conference in October.



When Bloomberg predicts that a Galaxy Gear smart watch will be “a wearable device running Android that will make phone calls, surf the Web and handle e-mails” it is less than satisfying. Predicting how it does all of that (how well and in what form factor) would distinguish Bloomberg’s and its sources from everyone else. The Motoactv does all of this (to some degree) and a whole lot more. I hope that MotoGoogle listens to you, Kevin (as did Apple on the iPad Mini), when you’ve suggested elsewhere that they slim the device, increase the battery life, improve the website, and/or allow better integration with Runkeeper — that would be a smart watch worth buying in 2013!

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