NSA Spying: The Three Pillars of Government Trust Have Fallen



In the wake of the Washington Post’s revealing look into routine violations in the NSA, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is pulling no punches on the branches of the U.S. government. In its statement, the EFF calls for a “truly independent investigatory body” to look into the NSA’s dealings. Transparency has been limited, so an NSA-driven group like the 9/11 commission could give citizens a more thorough report of what was going on behind closed government doors.



“NSA-driven group like the 9/11 commission could give citizens a more thorough report of what was going on behind closed government doors.” surely you jest…

JB Smith

The Newport News Police and the Virginia State Police have installed yagi-uda laser antennas. These antennas log every computer key stroke every citizen makes. It also enables them to hack into the wireless router in your electric meter, burglar alarm or television set. This enables them to see you in the privacy of your own home. In addition, they have hand held terahertz scanners that enable them to see through your clothes. One Newport News Officer was caught talking about “fat chicks” at the local college over the police radio per the Daily Press. Surveillance issues are not just with the NSA. It’s with all of law enforcement. They plan to make this ubiquitous surveillance so prevalent before anyone knows it exists. Go to digitalbarriers.com or read Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence by Springer. You’ll be surprised out just how much they can do now.

John Nemesh

I knew we were in for it as soon as they announced the new sweeping powers Congress was giving our Government…and named it the “Patriot Act”. The creation of the “Department of Homeland Security” was another HUGE red flag. You COMMONLY hear politicians refer to “the Homeland” now in everyday speech. Orwell was right, rewriting the dictionary is key to controlling the population.


The President and members of Congress are co-conspirators in this violation of the Bill of Rights. They are not a pillar, they are anchors. Most of those who try to argue these two entities are protecting the people are also co-conspirators (e.g. members of key committees).

The court proceedings are done ex-parte, and not really a true court review, and in any case, their review is mainly done after the data is already in the possession of the government, not before the data is seized. It would be like if the government seized everyones’ possessions in a town and then asked the court for permission to look at what they seized.

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