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ZocDoc grades health plans in online guide to insurance exchanges

If you plan to buy health insurance through the new exchanges – or even if you’re just choosing a plan through your employer – a new resource from ZocDoc could help you out. Using its data on doctor appointment availability and other factors, it grades the carriers on how easy it is to get an appointment, the accuracy of their doctor directories and customer service.

3 Responses to “ZocDoc grades health plans in online guide to insurance exchanges”

  1. Anthony

    This is one of the most lousy and inaccurate ratings ever. Zocdoc came up with this to fulfill their own purpose of signing up more doctors and collecting user email addresses.

    It’s crazy that a company like zocdoc has the audacity of rating health plans without having complete information about their networks and only based on a small sample size of the few thousand provider they have.

    They don’t don’t even mention the methodology of the research. What’s more shameful is that a reputed blog like yours is promoting them without even understanding what and how they are doing the research and creating a environment of misinformation.

    • Ki Mae Heussner

      Thanks for your comment, Anthony. You actually don’t need to submit an email address to use this so I don’t think it’s about just collecting user information.

      And, yes, you’re absolutely right that other resources more comprehensively rank and review insurance plans. This is just one small resource of many that can help patients evaluate plans. I found it interesting because ZocDoc (which claims 2.5 million people use its site each month) hasn’t shared its data in this way before.

      • Anthony

        Thanks for the reply.

        The problem i see is that they rate plans only based on availability and accuracy of the network directory. And there is no way they have done comprehensive research to rate a plan even on those measures. They are probably relying on the information they have collected from the few thousand doctors that they have signed up. Which is statistically insignificant.

        The problem i have with this is that 2.5 million consumers use ZocDoc and they are a trusted brand for what they do. But with so much change happening in healthcare, companies/brands like ZocDoc are now trying to get commercial advantage even it means they have to spread misinformation.

        I beleive with 2.5 million users a month, they can publish research on consumer behavior. Not so much on health plan’s directories and provider availability. Unfortunately, that sounds very self serving to me.