Larry on Larry violence: Larry Ellison says Larry Page did him wrong


Oracle(s orcl) CEO Larry Ellison says Google(s goog) “copied” Oracle’s stuff and pinned the blame on Google(s goog) CEO Larry Page.

“I think what he did was absolutely evil,” Ellison told CBS’s Charlie Rose. “I 100 percent blame Larry Page … When you write a program for  Android, you use Oracle Java code for everything and at the very end you push a button ‘convert this to Android format.”


Antoine Hepburn

What a hypocrite Larry is. Calling Google’s act as “evil” when his own company is widely considered by customers and employees alike as the embodiment of evil. Recently things are going pretty bad with the company with financial targets missed quarter after quarter, the best sales talent leaving in droves and the new Fusion product getting no uptake from customers with new cloud competitors like Workday eating its lunch.

To understand all that goes on behind the scenes at Oracle and so many of its top sales guys are leaving I cannot recommend enough an excellent book, “High-tech planet” written by a former Oracle sales executive. It is a funny, terrific and insightful account of what hides behind headlines-grabbing news and figures. It describes in detail the business atmosphere at Oracle, its sales culture plus a host of shenanigans that will have you shake your head in disbelief unless you work or worked for Oracle. In which case you’ll just nod and say, “wow, this guy is saying out loud what we are all whispering and scared somebody will hear us.”

I got an education reading this book.

The first few chapters can be sampled for free here:


I just got a call from Forbes Magazine asking to speak with you Antoine, since according to your Linkedin profile, You claim to work for my publication. Really stunned to find that out considering I’ve never heard of you.


However if you see Android has been a development kit and phone operating system since 2004. So you can;t squarely place it on Google

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