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Apple reported to release iPad mini with retina display by year’s end

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Reports of a retina display for the iPad mini aren’t aren’t new, but an end-of-the-year release date is. And according to Bloomberg, Apple(s aapl) is looking at a very busy holiday season, with a new iPad mini as well as a new, redesigned iPad, both available before the end of year.

Given the proliferation of high-quality, mid-size tablets, like the Google(s goog) Nexus 7 and the Amazon(s amzn) Kindle Fire HD, a retina display for the iPad mini makes sense. After all, the 1900-by-1200 HD display on the Nexus 7 works out to a super-fine 323 pixels per inch, while the 7.9-inch, 1024-by-768 iPad mini has just 163. This means that Apple will essentially have to double the tablet’s resolution while keeping the size the same.

In addition to the retina display-toting iPad mini, Apple is also expected to release a newly-svelte iPad. Aside from the Lightning port on last year’s fourth-generation model, the iPad hasn’t seen a significant redesign since its second iteration. Apple will likely shake things up a bit this generation by employing a thinner display with less bezel.

Bloomberg reports that “Apple’s share of the tablet market slid to 32 percent in the second quarter, from 60 percent a year earlier, according to market-research firm IDC.” So releasing two revamped tablets should be exactly the one-two punch Apple needs right about now.

In addition to the iPad news, Bloomberg corroborates a September 10 date for Apple’s next special event, where it is expected to announce the iPhone 5S and potentially the iPhone 5C.

One Response to “Apple reported to release iPad mini with retina display by year’s end”

  1. Joshua Paul Boram

    If Apple does release the Retina iPad mini, ill be buying it. There no sense in buying an iPad if it doesn’t have a Retina display. Fairly funny though, because I recently saw that Hawaiian Airlines just bought 1500 non retinas for their Airplanes. Maybe Apple gave them a good deal before the Retina will come I dont know, but im really glad that I have an iPad. Hawiian Airlines wants to charge a crazy $17 bucks a flight for using the iPad Mini. That seems crazy. Ill just wait and buy the iPad retina as soon as it comes out! lol…