Why Paul Stamatiou suggests Android is finally better than iOS



Many articles explaining what it’s like to switch from iOS(s aapl) to Android(s goog) have been published, but Paul Stamatiou’s latest may be the best I’ve read yet. All of the right points are hit explaining the key differences between the two platforms, ranging from notifications, simple sharing methods, setting default apps and much more. To each his or her own when it comes to personal choice in mobile platforms; those on the fence, however — or those who want a modern refresher on Android’s maturity over time — should certainly give this a read.



HTC One, Galaxy S4, and Moto X are proof that 4.3 Android phones can be superior to the iPhone. Especially the HTC One and Moto X. They’re the greatest Android phones that money can buy… and out do the iPhone 5 in pretty much every way.


So many idiots commenting on this article. It was a very well written piece htough and i do agree with the fact Android is better, any iPhone priced Android phone has even less lag than an iPhone too for those going on about lag.

Melvin Abner

You can’t just say that “Android is better”. You must consider the hardware. Also consider the various background tasks that could potentially kill RAM, along with various memory-hogging widgets and apps……..


Software can not cause an SD Card to go bad. Only physical damage or simply a defective card. So definitely wasn’t your Samsung’s fault. (even though I’m not a fan of the Samsung phones, hate to see it take blame for an accessory failure that it couldn’t possibly cause)


Actually, I’m not sure about the S4 but the s3 had an aissue where it wouldnt work well with Sandisk SD cards for some reason and could ruin them.

Alan L. Ricketts

My family has had every Iphone starting with the 3GS and has NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS. However, I really wanted a larger screen and was willing to try a Android phone. UNFORTUATELY, I decided to try the Samsung Infuse.

The Infuse was a terrible phone, it had so many different problems. After 12 months of frustration, I decided to go back to my iphone.

I kept writing to Apple asking for a larger screen (5 – 6 inch). When Tim Cook said that Apple did not intend to produce a larger iphone this year, I decided to try Android again.

I purchased a Galaxy S4 in june. After one month, my GPS stopped working, and the sound decreased by 50%. Also, the SD card went bad, and I lost all apps on the SD card. Resetting the phone to factory setting fixed two problems. It was a new SD card, so, did the card go bad, or did something in the software cause the SD Card to go bad???????????

I find the camera a little awkward to use, and don’t like that the video starts recording as soon as you put it in VIDEO mode.

Even though, I have had this problem with the Galaxy S4, I am very satisfied. That is, as long as I don’t have any additional problems.

When, it come to the idea that it is made of plastic – Who cares. Almost everyone puts their phones into a plastic case.

Melvin Abner

Your plastic backing will become covered in so much finger residue that it will start to annoy you (speaking from experience).


Wow, lot’s of trolling comments here — more on the side of Apple; must mean the race really is tightening… otherwise, why so serious?.

I’m a long-time user of iPhone, from the original to the current 5, and I’m happy with it. I’ve tried Android (had a Nexus 7 for a while, sold it), and while Android is kewl, especially if you have a Gmail account, I didn’t enjoy using it more than iOS.

Not so sure about iOS7, though my objection is mainly the look of it. Yes, that’s a personal thing, but I personally don’t like it.

Anyway, more objectively, I think iOS could learn a few things from Android, such as having more flexibility in notifications. I’m looking forward to the new iPhone(s) on Sept. 10 (supposedly), and I’m interested in seeing iOS7. If I like them, I’ll probably stick with iPhone. If I don’t, maybe I’ll try the Moto X or HTC One.


Stamatiou is a long-time user of Google services (“My world revolves around GMail and Google search”). It’s no surprise that a Google-built OS (and apps built for that OS) is going to work most seamlessly for him.

If you’re not a big Google fan already, or if you don’t want Google selling your data to advertisers, then Android won’t be your ideal fit.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t offer valid criticisms of iOS. His his concern that iOS 7 is mainly cosmetic, forcing users to wait another year for substantive improvements, rings true.

And Apple certainly can learn a few things from Android, like the “intents” feature that lets apps exchange information with one another. Apple has been slow to get the message on that front.


Just try to be more open minded and imagine how great iOS would be if it had half of the mentioned features.

Kumar Muneesh

He has tried to explain more about Android and at the same time, I feel that he has tried to hide things about iOS. For example, with iCloud, it is possible that you take the picture with any of your devices and they appear on your computer without the use of iPhoto. Also so many other things, he has tried to hide and trying to show that Android is better.

In Fact, according to my research, both are equally equivalent when it comes to the most basic tasks. Other advanced tasks, more than 90% of the users never bother to see whether it is Android or it is iOS.


Haha…. wow… a lot of pissed off Apple simple.minded idiots… They are just bitter that Apple is going down the toilet… Android is TEN.times better. And thats just ONE of the reasons SAMSUNG is now #1.. Yes NUMBER ONE in mobile and rapidly creeping up on Tablets…
NOTHING holds a candle to the Note 2!!! NOTHING!!
:) :) :) :) :)

Atiim Harris

Well i dont really like TW, but I think that it’s MILES ahead of cryOS and HTC Sense.


I guess Apple can spare a bit of marketshare since it is victorious in every patent lawsuit againsy samsung. Im not biased either way. It is a bit overdone with all the much back and forth over the two OS. Just enjoy the fact that we have the technological advances available to have a competitive market to find what fits best.

Ps- it just took me forever to type this on a samsung galaxy tab 2. Apple has much more intuitive and functional devices.


Especially when you don’t care about backing up your phone, migrating your phone from one to another (Don’t tell me android has titanium backup, it only works on some of the apps)

or especially when you don’t care about which notification to show, which you would like to disable

or especially when you don’t care about which app will use your gps, which you would like to disable

or especially when you don’t care about all installed app can launched in the background

or especially when you don’t care most app looks like crap with black background.

It’s actually a good OS.


Phone and app backup: you are right, iOS is better in this area. Fortunately you will use this feature once or twice in a year.

System controlled notification filter is missing, true, you have to set the notification rules in every app independently. Not a big issue, because you only have to download this once, when you install the app. But the general notification system is way better and that is what you use all day.

GPS valid argument, iOS is better

The app aesthetics is a subjective thing.

I think Android is much better because it let’s you use your phone more conveniently, mostly because of the intents described in the article


Tiranium backup work on some of the apps?you fool!have you ever used it?It works on every single app!even those little system apps,you can even take a backup of your freaking default Bluetooth.You can make just any app as system app and convert any system app to user app.If iPhone has titanium you moaning fanboys could’ve got rid of those stock app and newstand instead of hiding them in a folder.
I dunno..you appear to be such a non-techie person,you might not have even understood my comment,like you didnt understand titanium backup. Btw..how much does icloud gives you?5 gb or less?


Yeah he got a few things wrong why would I pay for Dropbox when I can turn on automatic importer in iPhoto, imports all my pictures from photo stream automatically. Nothing in this article would ever make me want to change. The only thing I have seen so far that would was hardware, the HTC One. Other than that they can keep that laggy, crappy 30 fps, wasn’t initially designed for a touch screen until Eric Scmidt saw the iPhone, software. Why didn’t he bring up the fact that Android software also has about 97% of the identity stealing malware, spyware written for both platforms? I guess he isn’t really interested in security.

Atiim Harris

Well you iSheep shouldn’t be talking about original designs, considering that iOS was originally going to run web based applications.

PS Why would we pay for Dropbox with free Google Drive. Also spyware on Android isn’t really a problem if people would just realize that installing random apks is like installing random programs on your pc. What would be the point of an ios virus anyway? It’s not like iOS users are doing so much with there iCrud.


As someone who is highly multi platform on all levels (desktop & mobile), Android has been overwhelming better than iOS for years. Using a new Nexus 7 with stock 4.3 is so vastly more sophisticated than my iPad Mini I genuinely wonder what Apple is doing anymore. I had high hopes for iOS 7 but seeing how it is mainly cosmetic, it’s back too “wait another year” syndrome for Apple too add features again.

Personally what I believe is that they have become so scared of losing sales from their primary customer base (the less tech savvy) that they have to appeal to the lowest common denominator & keep iOS painfully simple. Theres a reason iTunes hasn’t changed much over the years as well. Apple now finally knows what it felt like to be MS all those years & keeping Windows bloated with legacy compliance. Mass market success is a double-edged sword, something they never had to worry about with OSX.

Just the fact that the general tech press like Engadget, The Verge, have landed so firmly on the side of Android should be telling. The general tech media has been as pro-Apple for as long as I can remember. They’ve hated Windows for years, as to them almost universally using MBA’s. Until the last couple years they were iPhone-only as well, but have now mostly flip flopped over to Android.

The community starting to blame Tim Cook for Apples declining solitary relevance (as a stand-alone superpower) is short-sighted as well. The samething would have happened under Jobs watch too, maybe even sooner. The best decision Cook ever made was releasing the iPad Mini, as along with the Kindle & Nexus 7 these types of devices are clearly going to pave the way for future mainstream computing. Hopefully MS can make some way with a Surface Mini so Google/Apple don’t completely own the world.

It's only a phone.

I have no preference for any of the mobile os….I just lost the will the live reading this article as he drones on and on and on and on about stuff I have no clue as to what he is going on about……maybe twitter has a character limit for a reason.

Idon't Know

No wonder he likes Android he works for Twitter which is just terrible software.
Also he seems quite happy yo give all of his information over to Google and Facebook. Which also isn’t surprising because Twitter wants your personal information too.
Plus he got many things wrong about iOS and much of what he complains about is in iOS 7. It’s too much to think he doesn’t know this which makes you wonder about his motivation ins rioting this silly article.
Maybe it has something to do with Samsung who love to pay off bloggers to write pro-Samsung articles.
If you are going to go to Android the S 4 is the cheapest looking, feeling, laggiest, worse screen of any of the new crop.


You don’t know… s4 blows any iPhone screen out of the water. Ignorance is bliss. If you like I phone good for you, but there is no way you can say they are better.Build quality… because the phone is metal, weighs more which makes it more rigid with less forgiveness and breaks easier. Plastic…. cheap ?better design? I don’t care just keep being innovative and open. Apple goes only with what’s popular, and even with that they’re having a hard time. I liked Apple till galaxy 1 cane it and I switched because I knew they were/be better eventually and now there is no question. Retina…. give me a break. OLD TECH.

Robert Taylor

The Gnome? The Troll more like.

It’s a fair, well written article that highlights how far Android has come, and sadly, how far behind Apple is falling.

The Gnome

Especially if you don’t care that your phone is an oversized plastic clone-phone and have no concept of quality. If thats you, go Android.

Especially if you like rubbing phones together vs. sharing wirelessly… and you like to take smudgy photos.

It was a dumb trolling article, not worth mentioning.

Atiim Harris

Not all androids are plastic, but ok.

If you don’t care about what you can do on your phone and like people telling you what you can & can’t do with your ridiculously overpriced shiny aluminium toys , then go iOS.

Especially if you hate freedom, love not being able to use it for everything, and are a 15 year old who buys it just to look cool



Rubbing phones vs sharing wirelessly?congrats iPhone finally got some utility for its bluetooth!

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