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New iPad 5 images emerge, show potential redesign

Apple(s appl) is expected to release a new iPad this fall, and if the leaks and rumors are true, it might be getting its biggest physical redesign since the original iPad.

MacRumors spotted some potential photos of the iPad 5’s digitizer and screen uncovered by Australian repair shop MacFixit.  Here are the physical details according to the website:

  •  The display area is the same as the iPad Retina.
  •  The edges of the frame are narrower using the same style as the iPad mini.
  • The ITO (Indium tin oxide) is the same as the iPad mini. [This is a screen coating that helps improve connectivity capabilities by reducing crossed signals and interference.]
  • There are now 2 connectors instead of 1.
  • The display connectors have been changed from FFC (Flat Flexible Cable, like the iPad 2/3/4) to FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits, like the iPhone 4/5).

These details seem to fall in line with previous reports of a redesign featuring a thinner bezel. Most interesting is the move towards the iPad mini styling, as well as the additional cable.

Of course, these images can also be complete bunk. With Apple expected to announce the iPad 5 as early as next month, we’ll know soon enough. In the meantime, check out the photos below.

iPad 5 leak

iPad 5 leak 2

iPad 5 leak 3

11 Responses to “New iPad 5 images emerge, show potential redesign”

  1. Have actually tested the ipad for the last 6 months with one of our sales reps. Will be moving the entire sales force from lap tops to the ipad in the next 3 months. With sources like Drop Box for unlimited file storage, there was no reason to wait any longer.

  2. These area hills paid to post anti-Apple hype comments on Web sites. Obviously, most people are choosing the best-selling iPad — and will continue to do so. The tablet wars are over. Apple won.

    • What chuckleheads. I wonder if there are serious differences between trolls and the simply egregious slamming preferences they don’t comprehend.

      Like the standard serious question confronting political activists – is the average American ignorant or stupid, the difference becomes blurred when the reality is someone completely out of touch – with reality.

  3. C Wilson

    Who buys iPads any more? Not being able to expand the memory is stupid.
    It’s crazy to shell out that kind of money for something that doesn’t work ask well and isn’t expandable like the other tablets, incliding the Windows tablets.

      • smallsharptools

        It was a troll comment, possibly a Microsoft employee lamenting over why consumers are not thrilled with all of the options with the Microsoft Surface tablet which is not selling at all. Expansion? That would be nice, but I also like it being a single contained unit. If I really want more either I can clear up space used by other apps or I can make sure to buy an iPad with lots of capacity. For now a 16GB iPad has been more than sufficient. What I hope Apple does is drop the 16GB model and shift the prices to make the 32GB model the same price as the current 16GB model.