The Structure Show: Parsing Hortonworks, IBM, and all of Facebook’s data

Few companies have more raw data than Facebook(s fb), so we wanted to hear how the social networking giant parses all that stuff and what tools it uses to do so. We went straight to the source and talked to Ken Rudin, who heads analytics at Facebook.

Suffice it to say, Facebook's Ken Rudin Facebook uses a lot of Hadoop and Hive but also MicroStrategy and Tableau and we hear why its environment of “managed chaos” is perfect for what it’s trying to accomplish.

Also, we try make sense out of whatever the heck is going on at Hortonworks and over at IBM(s ibm). Plus: why we think that CSC and Infochimps may be made for each other.

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Hosts: Barb Darrow, Derrick Harris
Guest: Ken Rudin, Facebook

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