Nate Silver: New York Times “should be turning a much larger profit than it does right now”


Nate Silver, whose super popular politics blog FiveThirtyEight is leaving the New York Times (s NYT) and becoming a separate site at ESPN, did a podcast with Bill Simmons. Silver calls the NYT “constrained a lot from its business strategy point of view” and says, “[with] all the traffic the Times has right now, it should be turning a much larger profit… I don’t think you should blame the environmental conditions, so much as maybe your sales staff isn’t that good.” You can download the podcast here and read Deadspin’s wrapup here.



And when they’re paying people like Janet RObinson soooo much money, it only makes sense. Too much fat marbled between the talent.

David Thomas

LHO: many thanks for sharing the p-cast link. The conversation was great.

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