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BandPage teams up with Vevo and Xbox Music to help bands make streaming pay

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Some musicians have long complained that there is no money in streaming music and video services. BandPage CEO J Sider wants to change this, and he has hooked up with Vevo and Microsoft’s (s MSFT) Xbox Music subscription service to make that change happen.

The new partnership will allow BandPage’s 500,000 registered musicians to control assets displayed on those two music services. Initially, musicians will be able to change their bios and profile pictures, something that Sider just called a first step during a phone conversation Wednesday. A next step will be to also display tour dates and allow bands to directly sell tickets and merchandise on sites like “Our goal is to reach fans where they are,” said Sider.

Here's how the new BandPage-powered profiles look like on
Here’s how the new BandPage-powered profiles look like on

BandPage isn’t the only company to give musicians more control over band pages on third-party platforms. Topspin has been doing similar things with MTV, and the company’s bios and merchandise sales will also be part of the upcoming Beats Music service. But BandPage wants to eventually go even further and turn all those profiles that bands have on different services all over the web into crowd-financing platforms.

To do so, the company launched a new type of targeted offering it calls experiences earlier this year. Experiences are essentially offerings for super-fans that are willing to spend a little more in order to have some one-on-one time with their favorite band or musician.

BandPage has been testing experiences with around 50 bands over the last few months, with some offering backstage access, signed drumsticks or even a guided kayak tour. Singer said that participating bands already have made “tens of thousands of dollars” through these deals. BandPage is now slowly opening this up to additional musicians, with the goal of making it available to all 500,000 BandPage members within the next few months.