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Video: Will Chromecast revolutionize online shopping?

This is fun: Independent TV apps developer Leon Nicholls has developed a demo app that shows how online retailers could leverage Google’s (s GOOG) new Chromecast video beaming stick by allowing customers to easily display products on their TV set.

Nicholls built a simple mock-up app for, which is sort of like an Etsy for 3D printing enthusiasts. Check out a video of his demo below:

This is obviously just a first demo, but it shows some interesting potential for Chromecast, or any advanced screen casting solution for that matter. Instead of confining the shopping experience to just a tablet or phone screen, retailers could give customers the option to look at bigger photos or even videos of a product on the TV screen.

One could even imagine that retailers could use the TV as a kind of in-house hub to enable a social shopping experience, with multiple users finding different products on their mobile devices, and comparing them together on the big screen.

One Response to “Video: Will Chromecast revolutionize online shopping?”

  1. Much better than Chromecast is the new Miracast TV — which doesn’t limit the content you display like Chromecast does, and a new Miracast HD Wireless adapter ($39) became available this week, which offers a lot more features and works much more like Apple’s $100+ Airplay Wireless display technology –

    One of the first sources to carry this new device is Tablet Sprint – worth checking out for this alone… and for Android tablets, including a new series of tablets that launch next week that outprice and outperform the new Nexus… definitely worth reviewing.