Samsung Unpacked invites are out, Galaxy Note 3 is in


Just as suspected, Samsung started sending invites to its Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 event on Monday morning. The event takes places in Berlin on September 4th, right before the start of IFA.

Samsung Unpacked 2013

You might remember that Samsung used last year’s pre-IFA Unpacked event to launch the Galaxy Note 2. All signs point to history repeating itself, with Samsung expected to reveal the Galaxy Note 3 “phablet.”

There’s a couple of clues to suggest as much in the invite, which asks potential attendees to “Note” the date. And the hand-drawn quality is more than a little likely to have been created with an S Pen.

Samsung will be hosting private media demos in Times Square that same day, and the event will be live streamed on Samsung’s mobile YouTube page.

We already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Galaxy Note 3, but check back for more details that are sure to surface ahead of next month’s announcement.



If you want a 6.3 galaxy …check out the Galaxy Mega 6.3 ..already out In Russia and the UK…but I have one I. The U.S…got it factory unlocked online…love it…no stylus included, but u can buy one for it. The. S Pen apps are on it. There is also a galaxy Mega 5.3 …..


Well it looks like to me im going with the htc one Max with a 5.9 lcd our the 5.7 note 3 what do you think


I can’t wait to get this Note 3. I hope it is at least 6.3 inch screen


Samsung will need to pull this out of the bag this year, or I can see alot of people going for the Xperia Z ULTRA.

David Young

The Z Ultra has a battery that can’t be removed and will only last 8 hours. I have a 9300 Mah extended battery on my Note 2 that lasts 4 days.

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