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Move over Galaxy Note 3, the HTC Max might need some room in September

It’s already a near-certainty that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will debut on September 4 but it may not be the only large phone / small tablet to appear at the IFA event in Berlin. The HTC Max is reportedly arriving at the same time and some leaked images and details hit the web on Sunday.

The current source with alleged exclusive HTC Max photos and hardware specifications is a forum member at e.Price; a Taiwan-based message board. So it’s possible this isn’t the real deal although it looks and sounds like what I’d expect HTC to create. And much of the information lines up with prior reports out of Taiwan. The anticipated handset is larger version of the company’s HTC One flagship phone.

htc max eprice

It’s certainly possible this is a prototype or even a good Photoshop effort, but I can’t see HTC deviating too much from its current HTC One design.

According to the forum member with the images, the HTC Max will use a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon(s qcom) 800 chip with 2 GB of memory and unlike the current HTC phones, will have a microSD memory card slot. The 5.9-inch display will use a full HD touchscreen and the device battery will have 3300 mAh power capacity.

There’s also some mention of a fingerprint reader on the rear of the device, which sounds a little far-fetched to me but is certainly possible. Talk of a digital stylus makes more sense to me but that would mean HTC needs to develop digital inking software; something it had little success with in the HTC Flyer Android(s goog) tablet a few years back.

We’ll know in less than a month if HTC is ready to challenge Samsung’s Galaxy Note, however, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it does. When the first Galaxy Note arrived, most wrote off the device class, but it has spawned one follow up product with another on the way for Samsung and has proved to be more popular that people imagined. These devices double as tablet and phone, allowing some to carry just one device instead of two.

3 Responses to “Move over Galaxy Note 3, the HTC Max might need some room in September”

  1. I really like the thought behind the HTC max. The dual speakers on the front as well as the large screen will be very tempting. Both have alot of good features that will have everyone looking. I look forward to see what both HTC and SAMSUNG show case next month. I am ready for an upgrade. Who will win?

  2. HTC would get a lot more love from fans IMO if they went back to their roots and made a modern keyboard slider. Many people actually prefer a hardware keyboard. I would like to see HTC’s One Z concept make it to retail, especially since my Touch Pro 2 is getting a little old.

  3. Sh**Happens

    I use the Note2, and it is almost the right size but still a little too small as a go to device. 6.5″ – 7″ would be perfect (allowing me to combine the tablet and phone in one device). Note2 class is much more convenient device to use than the Galaxy Note10.1 because the Note2 is always on (at home or on the road), whereas 10.1 is restricted to the WiFi and no phone capability. In short, a mini tablet with the phone capability would be a perfect for work and play. For heavy work, I use 27″ Chromebox and 27″ AIO Dell. ChromePixel and Galaxy Note 10.1 are collecting dust. I also have Chromebox for the HDTV, but I am hoping the Chromecast will work for my other HDTV’s.