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ICYMI podcasts: PRISM in the cloud, Bluetooth tracking tags and Moto X mojo

Our weekly podcast schedule jumps from three to four shows, with the GigaOM Structure Show added this week. In the premiere episode, Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris chat with David Campbell, CTO of Microsoft(s msft) Server and Tools about cloud APIs: Should every cloud support Amazon’s(s amzn) Web Service APIs? And how will PRISM impact cloud adoption?

The GigaOM Weekly Wrapup show kicked off right after the Moto X(s goog) launch this week: Does Googl-rola have a hit on its hands or is this just another handset in a sea of Androids? And after last week’s Chromecast launch, Janko Roettgers explains why Smart TVs are really dumb.

Stacey Higginbotham talks to Mike Farley, the COO of Tile, on this week’s Internet of Things show. Farley describes Tile, which is a Bluetooth tracking tag to help find lost items. The interesting bit is that others with the Tile app can aid in the search.

And on the GigaOM Chrome Show, Chris Albrecht and Kevin Tofel take a deeper dive into the Chromecast: How much Chrome does it really have inside? The hosts also suggest a Chrome OS application that supports BitTorrent files. And you thought Chrome was just a browser!

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