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Senators trying to write shield law can’t agree on who is a “real” journalist

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Senators have been debating a so-called federal “shield law” that would protect journalists from government subpoenas and court orders related to their sources, but they can’t seem to agree on who should be defined as a “real” journalist.

2 Responses to “Senators trying to write shield law can’t agree on who is a “real” journalist”

  1. keninca

    Don’t they just let the lobbyists write the laws? Why are they hurting their alleged brains trying to come up with a new law that won’t work, when they could be out raising campaign contributions?

  2. Ken Rowland

    OXYMORONIC… as an American citizen maintaining a daily journal – text and video – I’m GOOD to GO as a JOURNALIST! Just shield me from the NSA, FBI, ICE, IRS, et al, i.e. ALL of my ‘filings’ being appropriate and timely! There is, after all Constitutional Law and the Bill of Rights, and, of course, always a Supreme Court appellate option. I can also always PLEAD THE FIFTH as well as DEFEND MYSELF (in Florida at least) by bearing arms, or even have a sophomoric Socratic dialogue with some attendant in Russia, at the airport! The real ‘moronic’ query here is WHO and WHAT is a Senator? A Congressional representative? THEY ALL should drop their ‘shields’ and plead for forgiveness, i.e. for all their insider-trading and facelifts!