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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 coming September 4th?

A Friday report from BGR tips the launch of the Galaxy Note 3, as well as Samsung’s first foray into the smartwatch world, for September 4. This would place it just ahead of Apple’s(s aapl) expected iPhone 5S launch, allowing the Galaxy Note III time to gain some traction before Apple steals the show for a while.

The Galaxy Note 2 came out just over 9 months ago, but the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be badder, and yes, bigger, in every way. Reports have pegged the “phablet” as featuring a 5.7-inch 1080p screen, up from the already-mammoth 5.5-inch 720p display on the Galaxy Note II.

The Note 3 is also expected to feature a 13-megapixel camera, like the Galaxy S 4, as well as 3GB of RAM and a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon(s qcom) 800 processor. And of course, with that giant screen, there will likely be improved support for Samsung’s S Pen.

HTC is reportedly working on a Galaxy Note 3 competitor, the 6-inch HTC One Max, to launch around the same time.

After Samsung’s monster Radio City Music Hall reveal of the Galaxy S 4, perhaps Madison Square Garden should be put on notice.

34 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 coming September 4th?”

  1. Am looking forward to the release next week! Was hoping it might have been larger than 5.7″, but once it’s out then it’s decision time: Note 3 or Xperia Z Ultra.

  2. Dante Desmond Kusanagi

    Finally payback time. I can show off bck to my friend with note 3. He always show off his s4 and tab 2. It’s time to give that bitch a pay back

  3. Would be nice if it has 32gb of base memory as opposed to 16gb. Hearing differing rumors about the type of processor though. 1.9ghz or 2.3ghz…hope it’s the larger of the 2. The 3GB of RAM will be nice!!!

  4. Just one thing i really can wait for is that hopping it has the longest battery life ever .. b/c with all that technology and performance increases the consumption of the battery life remained under full pressures and apps it maybe something worth that i hope it takes the No. 1 phone with the maximum battery life stand-alone Mobile Phone in the world

  5. you can change the color of galaxy note 2 or galaxy s3 and 4….just buy the covers on amazon or ebay with the flap or the flap with a cut out for the time and date. They are great and they are cheap! I have the orange, white, grey, black and mint green. You can get pink and purple and gold and silver too. Around 5-15 usd.

  6. Ajitpal Singh Flora

    One thing I want to tell everyone as far as bulkiness is concerned with screen protector and phone cover. I have Note 2 and was very protective of it, making sure I had cover and screen protector and then out of now where I wanted to use the phone as it without any cover or screen protector. Its been months now and I love it. Now you can really appreciate the slim body and the feel of touchscreen as you use for all the activities. You can easily wipe the screen if you feel its dirty though that doesn’t happen a lot to me. Of course, scratches can happen if it fall or otherwise but no crack or broken issue. I intend to use Note 3 in just the same way, as the phone itself is, no covers or screen protector. In fact, I even trade in my old phone, that is how I got my Note 2, by trading Note 1. Its does help bringing the cost down and for that matter we might consider cover for protection but as long as phone works fine and no cracks or broken screen, all is good. Besides, for a screen to break or cracks, it has to fall hard on the floor and then whether we have screen protector or not, it won’t matter.
    Thank You

    • I like mine w/o the case too, but it’s so slick in my hands I had trouble holding onto it with one hand. My wife has it w/o the case and loves it, but I must be a klutz b/c I drop mine too much. Case has saved me NUMEROUS times!

  7. Danielle Montgomery

    Yes posted up right here, my phone the note II cracked but still using it waiting on the note 3 hurry !!!!!!!!!! hope they make the new phone water resistant and the screen don’t crack; to much huh but needed

  8. Really hope when the samsung note 3 comes out so does some really nice pink otter box cases. So excited to get my note 3, have the note 2 now and it is awesome!!!

  9. Maaz Ambilkar

    I wish it will similar to samsung galaxy note 2 only interior hardware and software are advanced but exterior look same as note2 is anyone agreed with me

  10. I really hope Note 3 comes in different colors, red, metallic blu, pink and chocolate brown, to name a few. Also hope they make it as light or nearly light as the S4. Really cannot wait to get my hands on this Godzilla of a smartphone. Hurry up Samsung team. What’s keeping you from delivering the Sammy Note 3?

  11. 5.7 is perfect. Wlnt stretch my pockets out. Lol Don‘t forget a lot of us run out and buy otter boxes , Griffin . So the 5.7 in a protective case will bulk up pushing the limits were you can carry this on you. Excited for launch. Keeping my s3 for the atv as a gps/outdoors phone.