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Quick fix: Missing iOS App Store updates

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As Apple(s AAPL) prepares for a launch of iOS 7 this coming fall, there will be changes to some of its back-end services. One of those that has undergone revisions before and is rumored to change yet again is the iOS App Store. With older devices stuck on earlier iOS versions, like the iPhone 3G on 4.2.1 and the original iPad on 5.1.1, keeping things functioning on older implementations of the App Store may result in a glitch or two along the way for some users as Apple sorts everything out. Missing iOS App Store Updates Like other iOS users on Apple’s online support forums, you may have already experienced this: the App Store app on your iOS device has a notification badge indicating that you have app updates pending, but when you go to see which apps have been updated the list is empty. I have found the following steps to be the most reliable when it comes to getting your app updates back to functioning normally.

  • The first thing you need to do is log off from the iTunes Store. In the Settings app, scroll down to the iTunes & App Stores settings. Tap on your Apple ID and select Sign Out.

Missing iOS App Store Updates

  • Once logged off, remove the running App Store app from memory. Double click the Home Button to show all of the apps that are running. Tap and hold the App Store app icon until it jiggles. Then click on the circled “x” to remove the app from memory.

Missing iOS App Store Updates

  • Press and hold the power button on the top of your device for six seconds then swipe to power off. To turn the device back on again, press and hold the power button on the top of your device once again.

Missing iOS App Store Updates Now that things are properly reset, you can log back into the iTunes Store and launch the App Store app. You should now see all of your updates listed on the updates tab once again.

6 Responses to “Quick fix: Missing iOS App Store updates”

  1. Jonathan Erickson

    Very helpful article! Thanks! I also found that apps waiting to update in the purchased section were disappearing from the update list once I clicked on the store icon because they required iOS 7, but other than that, they were “up to date”.

  2. Why is it that you have to remov the app from memory before turning it off? Doesn’t turning off th iPhone remove ALL apps from memory even though it’ll still appear as being recently used when you double-press?

    • I have found that removing it from the ‘recently used’ list as well as powering off the device works best. Doing one and not the other did not yield constant results. This issue has happened on a few of my iOS devices over the last couple of weeks.

      I can only speculate as to why this particular series of events is repeatably successful at getting my list of app updates to appear again. I tried several variations and other suggested alternatives with little to no success. This remedy works for me every time.