Russian social network VK offers Snowden a job


Edward Snowden has left the building – the terminal building at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, that is. So, now that the PRISM leaker gets to stroll around freely for up to a year thanks to his temporary Russian asylum, what’s the man to do with himself?

According to Russia’s answer to Mark Zuckerberg, he should go work for the country’s biggest social network, VK, in order to boost the site’s security. Here’s what VK CEO Pavel Durov said in a post this afternoon (fed through Google Translate then cleaned up slightly):

“Today Edward Snowden — a man who denounced the crimes of U.S. intelligence against citizens of the world — has received temporary asylum in Russia. At such moments, you feel proud of our country and regret the U.S. policy […] I invite Edward to St. Petersburg and will be happy if he decides to join up a stellar team of programmers at VK. In the end, there is no more popular European internet company than VK. I think Edward might be interested in aiding the protection of personal data of millions of our users.”

Pavel Durov VK Snowden post

It should be noted that Durov is occasionally given to stunt hirings. Last year he took on a former air stewardess — sacked from Aeroflot for making an inappropriate online joke about an air crash — as VK’s Moscow office manager.

Whatever his next move, I imagine Snowden will probably want to have a quiet lie-down in a place that isn’t an airport first. Then I think he’ll probably work on ways to get over to a friendly South American country. But if he does find himself at a loose end, well, the offer’s out there.



According to “Russia’s answer to Mark Zuckerberg”, he should go work for the country’s biggest social network . . .
What a wonderful grammar!
It only implies that Russia had talked to Zuckerberg stating that snowden should go work . . .
Please rephrase this sentence properly


Hmm… I entered the missing (untranslated above – […]) part into Google translate and got this:

the country, committed to the principles on which it was built was once

But, the actual translation is quite the opposite:

the country, BETRAYING the principles on which it was was once built

Is Google intentionally reverse the meaning???

David Meyer

Yeah, I got stuck on that bit so I left it out, while putting in the screenshot so someone could clear it up in the comments. You are that person, so I thank you.


Good for Russia taking Snowdon. I hope he does well and flourishes in his new home. The people of the world need to understand we need not fear each other, it is our governments and their secrets we need to fear. No secrets better behavior it is our job to govern our governments!

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